[CLOSED] Leadership blacklist

Sept 22 - Data Username: (Geodashplayer73) Discord: ( Geodashplayer[PST]) Blacklist reason: Severe abuse of power, Severe Admin abuse, extreme immaturity towards 91st members. Description: Kept using various admin commands in a malicious manner during a CT. (I made a huge mistake and lost my thinking during the conversation which followed when I could’ve handled it in a more simple and mature manner which could’ve easily resolved the whole ordeal. I’ve since learned from that experience and believe that I can use this as a lesson on how to remain calm and try to resolve things by trying to sort things out calmly. I made a mistake and paid for it, but it will 100% never happen again. I also want to say to my brothers in 91st" I’m sorry all. I slipped up and I appreciate your support and good wishes for me to return and I hope I can return. In the meantime, keep Speed Demon Company alive and the community thriving.

This is not the place to appeal blacklists. But for this specific blacklist I would reach out to Qesi or the Republic Command for further information.