[CLOSED] KOSIntention appeal


Username: KOSIntention
Ban reason: Posting child photography on discord. (This is false)


In April I posted a video in The raiding Community discord server. I said that it was cp because I was joking around. People took it seriously and thought it was actually child photography. Currently I am back in the raiding community as we have now proven the video I have sent is not illegal child photography as it has been reviewed by many people.

( Describe why you think we should unban you )
I wish to be unbanned because this has been a misunderstanding as I was acting stupid at the time of doing the act that got me banned in the first place. I hope you can forgive me and have a good day.

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If you officers are reading this post, please unban this man. This dude has been playing coruscant since 2019. And he is a raiding legend. If this gets declined, then im going to be sad and cry.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, the crimes you’ve committed in the past have basically influenced your reputation within the GAR community.

Additionally, what you did was way too serious and it is beyond the point of appealing and for that reason your appeal will be denied and will stay denied indefinitely.

I apologize if this is not the answer you were looking for.

Status: Denied :x:

I wish you the best with your future endeavors and further pursuits in other communities.