[CLOSED] Jocapati no-clipping


Reporter username: ahand0213
Reported user: jocapati


I was raiding as a mando and I repeatedly saw this one trooper in the booths. I went into the booth to take over and kill the guys inside. Jocapati came into the booth but I didn’t hear the door open so I killed him. Then I looked outside and I was pretty sure I saw someone noclip so I started recording. Then, sure enough, jocapati walked through the wall and shot me.



Thank you for your report; at this time, I have processed the report and punished the user for exploiting.

I’d like to convey my gratefulness for your report once more. Your support is what allows this group to grow and for everyone to have a wonderful time.

Report Status: Handled :white_check_mark:

See you around!