[CLOSED] It's been almost 6 months since I got banned


Username: James Bond
Discord: 7347
Discord Id: 793329674334896128
Ban reason: I had done a recruitment for SER


I really want to be a part of the GAR community once again. I feel sorry for my actions. I want the second chance which I never received like the others. I want to be with my friends again. Its a very fun game. I respect it. I also want to be included in the activities once again like before. To be honest, when I was in the Discord server, it was super fun. So please, I would like to be unbanned.

Thanking you,

No reply. I’ll wait.

oh and my username has changed to Deadpool<3Chimichangas


Advertising in GAR for your own groups and even a raiding group, is not allowed. As you made clear this was not a technical error, you will not be unbanned.