[CLOSED] It went from training to rebel and try to take over the border, then back to training


Reporter username: ( warriormasterdeath )
Reported user: (Stalin1q999, TheGoatz300, Maddog110211.)


(I spawn in and as I died by a KOS player, then I saw this in FOB from the beginning of spawn. All line up and single file, I didn’t record till later after as I am trying to figure out what this is, and it was a fake event. Stalin1q999, TheGoatz300, Maddog110211, and each of the player was trying to do something entirely different things, it went from training to rebellion to take over the border, then back to training. Not sure what is the clear motive here. I also like to add that there were one of the other 327th member who is also collecting evidence.)


Hi there,

All users who have lead the illegitimate training have been properly punished.

Thank you for your report.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: