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[CLOSED] IP banned from GAR discord

Username: xSkuur
Discord: sk.#0999
Discord Id: 637086153211904009
Ban reason: Banned from GAR discord for breaching ToS

Hello, I am here writing an appeal for something I did that was very disrespectful and unnecessary. I caused distruption to a Star Wars discord over something I found offensive. The user “Veloxinated” slandered 41st’s Scrim Team and a few of my friends, something that I cherished and appriciated deeply. The images below are references.

unknown (2)

I do believe I shouldnt’ve done the petty things I did but I really hope that Veloxinated understands that if he has an opinion he should keep that to himself instead of talking behind backs.

I want to greatly apologize for my past actions and say that I will make sure they DO NOT happen again. Raiding a discord server that was only just starting to grow is not only immature of myself but is a burn on my reputation as a member of the GAR community. I once tried to grow a group for myself and a few friends and I know the struggles he must’ve went through. I should’ve thought before I acted, therefore from now on I’ll learn from the mistake and make sure I know what the consequences are if I do something immature.

Knowing that, I also want to apologize for breaking discord ToS. It was one of the simplest rules discord has but I still couldn’t wrap my head around it. I need to have more common sense to not do things that may cause pain to another person/server.

  • xSkuur

Hi there,

After careful consideration of your appeal, I believe that you are a man of your word and have grown from your previous actions. Hence, I’ve unbanned you from GAR Discord and lifted your Community ban as well. Do not let this ever happen again, for if it does, we won’t be as forgiving.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: