[CLOSED] Invisible man in coruscant

Reporting user: koopfcgg99
Reported user:Marcao_Campeao
Saw his tag when I was talking to a cadet he is invisible
His name is hovering because my cursor was over his character

Report this in exploiters. It will get closed and they will not face consequences.

Could just be a bug for where the tag appears, it doesn’t mean he is there.

No trips’ pfp gets me every time I think that something in unread is a glitch but then I see him.

Lol, it’s just because I’m so pro.

It would say immigrant above his head but thats not there so why would It be a glitch?

No, I’m not saying that he is invisible because of the glitch, I’m saying that when you hovered over thin air, that glitched “Name Tag” Appeared.

RG even knew someone was invisible too with no clip

I’ve had this happen to me too, don’t think this is an exploit.