[CLOSED] Invalid Universal Blacklist

Username: TheEnchanted_Legend
Discord ID: 1024218258750050345
Discord tag: TheEnchanted_Legendd#6864
Blacklist reason: Misbehaving in 91st

Hello, I was blacklisted like 2 weeks ago from 91st for misbehaving, which I understand, I did misbehave a bit. But that’s not the issue, when I tried out for the 7th Sky Corps I got kicked multiple times and when I asked why the host said im universally blacklisted. I went to the blacklist board and checked the universal blacklists and I see my 91st blacklist there. I believe it was a simple mistake made by the person who assigned it, so I dm ed him/her. But when I dm ed them they sent me 1 screenshot of me misbehaving in 91st, but I DM ed them about my UNIVERSAL blacklist. After they sent the screenshot they completely ignored me, and it has been a few days already and I haven’t gotten a response yet. I’d like my Universal blacklist removed, as it’s invalid. What I also noticed is that when I go to the Universal Blacklist tab everyone’s blacklists says “Universal blacklist”, mine is the only one that doesn’t. Please fix this, as I want to join a division.

Sincerely, TheEnchanted_Legend.

Hi there,

Please appeal blacklists with your assigner and if needed you may go to the next in the chain of command if your assigner no longer holds a position of power.