[CLOSED] Insane corp in the booth


Reporter username: MatokoNaegiPL26
Reported user: Xx_meow_Night_xX


I was on my routine duty, and i saw something uncommon in booth. Meow forced immigrant to say he’s(the immigrant)support confederacy, i tell that to nearst Higher ranks than myself, then he explained that Republic sucks because nobody could kill him at least once so he’s on con side. Few minutes later i saw like he’s letting immigrant go without any question, i did the same thing, goes to Higher ranks and told them, we warned him but he thought we have no proof so i told him we do. But he did it again and after second warning he changed into count Dooku and started killing spree.


Hi there,

Unfortunately at this time, the user has committed no real crime.

If he continues to let people in, notify a divisional in the server to deal with it.

Status: Denied :x: