[CLOSED] In-game power loss and demotion appeal


Username: ( StealthCat332 )
Ban reason: ( N/A )


Hello, I recently lost 21 power and was demoted to Sergeant from Staff Seargent. I believe the reason I was demoted and lost the power was because I accidentally killed the officer Stralethelegend when trying to fight a raider. The raiders I was trying to eliminate were in the hallway where you can rent an apartment. I think Stralethelegend was also fighting the raiders and I accidentally killed him with my lightsaber. I enjoy playing this game and have spent around 1k robux on it. Please think about returning my power because it was just a simple accident. I was never intending any harm to Stralethelegend. Thank you for your time.


After review I’ve decided to accept your appeal, but since there is no proof provided I’ve decided to add you back 15 power points.

Have a nice day/night.

  • TurboThiems