[CLOSED] In-game ban appeal


Username: ( QrixyY )
Ban reason: ( Teamkill )

Ok so let me tell you what happened, I was at my post near the Entrance when a couple of invaders were spotted upon the horizon, so I would do what I’m supposed to and start to open fire, but stupidly enough a trooper gets in the way and that results in me killing one. I explain it was accidental and we forgot about it. However they just came back again and I once more opened fire, but some cadets are getting in the way of things and again, I end up killing one, once we deal with the invaders I go to a post right next to the border gate, then someone is cutting the line so I go to kill them when a guard comes from nowhere, gets in the way and I kill him, resulting in my ban.

I believe I should be unbanned because these unnecessary killing were not my fault and should be appealed, now I do understand that I need to be more precise with my aiming and if I’m not it can lead to punishment but they should have some common sense and not get caught in the crossfire, I didn’t mean to kill them and therefore should be unbanned.

Hi there,

You are not banned from the game so you are free to rejoin the game whenever you want.

See you around!

Status: Denied :x: