[CLOSED] In-game ban appeal

Roblox username: Xblurr27
Discord: Userues#6481 (Update: Void_Production#6481)
Discord ID: 945029396694183969
Ban reason: Homophobic remark in Coruscant.


I am requesting for a in-game unban. I think my Permanent an is unfair, you may not think it is. I know what I have done can get me completely banned. I am fine if you do not unban me. If you can reduce my ban to a month or a week please. I got banned for calling a Red Guard Division Gay. I simply said " RG is gay" followed by “Don’t join it.” to a Clone. I do not know the RG name. His/her rank was Commander.

I have forgotten the date my ban was, all I know it was near the start of June. I am a high rank in a raiding discord server as well, and I can’t do any raids. That’s why I am requesting an unban or ban reduce. Thank you.

  • Xblurr27 (Void_Production#6481)

Thank you for your appeal, though at this time I’ve decided to deny it. Please review the below if you’re unsure as to why your appeal has been denied;

  • Homophobia to any caliber isn’t accepted within our Community; if you wish to have your appeal considered than sincerity is expected on your behalf.

If you decide to submit a further appeal, then take into account the aforementioned information.

Appeal Status: Denied :x:


Funny thing is someone said the same thing to a officer and didn’t get punished
Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.16.58 AM
Tbh I think this is another example of gar moderation being biased over a simple comment


Bro unban my red x legion member. He is a member of the red x legion and y’all ban him? Also how can this CG not get punish? At this point moderation is just being garbage right now. Which is what causes people to give up and move to something different.

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Thanks for supporting me.

Thank you for supporting me.

Quick update: My new discord is now Flamse#1989!