[CLOSED] In-game ban appeal

Let me start of with my information.

Discord & ID: Flamse#1989, 390626551072292875.
Gmail: Discord DMS only
Roblox username: Xblurr27 (formerly SmartBluffs2)
Date of permanent ban: (Around) First week of July, 2022, June 2nd - June 7th
Ban reason: Homophobic remark towards RG (Red Guard)

If I need to add more, please let me know via. discord/Gmail.

Greetings, My name is Ben, You can call be Blurr. (or Xblurr27 whatever one you prefer) I’ve been permanently banned from SWC for some time now. Let me explain, I spotted an RG and a Corporal talking to the RG saying “How do I join Red Guard”. I proceed to tell that corporal “You shouldn’t join RG” Then they corporal saying “Why” followed by me saying, “Because it is gay.” I have learned from my mistakes and to not do them again. Yes, I regret my decisions. And for that, I apologize for my actions and foolishness inside Coruscant.

I would also like to share two images of my Apologies to the past RG commanders of the time of my ban. Late June - Mid July. I don’t know if I can put them in here, so they will be put in the comments if possible. If not I can send them through Gmail or Discord. (Flamse#1989)

P.S, I would really like to continue playing SWC as a trooper or raider. The game is super fun when I was playing. I’ve been playing SWC for almost a year and a half. including Having over 142 hours of gameplay. Just purchased the Golden Minigun one week before ban. Any who, this is my appeal. My apologizes for this appeal being longer then usual.

Sincerely, Xblurr27 (Flamse#1989)


They are they same, just with different usernames at the beginning. I hope this provides enough evidence.

This is 2/2 of the images.


Please speak to NotDispatch himself for further reviewence.

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