[CLOSED] Immigrants killing Clones


Reporter username: JeroenVoldersYT
Reported user: J_akis, and other immigrants


Clones trying to do their job and being killed doing it the whole time right after they spawned. They need a warning after they do this.


Bruh. They’re raiders , thats what they do.

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The raiders job is to raid and the clones jobs is just be good and help us posting and killing raiders.

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You can’t report them for this, the raiders are supposed to do this.

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Some immigrant’s raid. GAR defend, that’s how it works.

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That’s the thing called “Raiding”, hope you understand. :+1:

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Immigrants are supposed to kill GAR the game wouldn’t be fun without it

Yeah but when one raider kills you enough. It can start getting a little annoying.

That is true, but you can always change servers if it gets annoying

Yeah. Today I saw a KOS raider, everytime he came near the bank. I killed him.


They can do that as immigrants.

Report Status: Unfounded :no_entry: