[CLOSED] Immigrant inf health


Reporter username: Legend_awakenin
Reported user: watermelon_sun12


She has a bounty of around 1k and no matter how many times I slice her with lightsaber, shoot her with golden minigun, I tried everything but she just won’t die.


Bro, that is just SK. She isn’t hacking she is godded because that is her spawn area, when you are trying to SK.

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But she has a bounty

Lol it doesnt matter, I could use the vid from here and report you for SK lol

Hi there,

I won’t be taking any actions against the user for following reasons:

  1. You never showed us that she had bounty.
  2. You were waiting in her spawn room to SK her.

Even if somebody has a bounty, don’t wait in their room. Take this as a warning.

Status: Denied :x:

Have a nice day!