[CLOSED] Immagrant using teleport hacks and infinite health


Reporter username: ryetoys11yt
Reported user: puppypower2423


The second i killed him for Raiding He respawned and then teleported to me and killed me with his rifle, and when he hid in his apartmwnt me and some troopers were shooting him and he took no damage I used up 10 clips (i reloaded 10 times)
And he still didnt die


(This is my first time reporting a hacker and first tome on this website, so i didnt know yiu had to ctahc them in the act but believe me and 4 other troopers he was using hacks!)

Use F9 for logs because a mod can’t say if he has unlimited health just with 2 pics. Try to get a lot of proof when reporting exploiters.

That’s spawn protection. Not hacks. Maybe don’t SK.

You’ve provided too little proof.