[CLOSED] I'm banned for obeying my Host's orders while on a Coruscant Guard patrol


Username: ( DodoFT34 )
Ban reason: ( Banned from the CG. )



I’m blacklisted from the Coruscant Guard server. I don’t abuse cuffs.

This was in the patrol, an immigrant had us interfere in the patrol, and the host had asked to cuff him. So, I caught him with the cuffs in the air, and I threw him to the ground, (because my jet pack was out of fuel). That’s when I took it, and we went back to our duty. We can see on the leadyboard, that several of us have been on this patrol. So, I’m asking for an unban for that.)

Sincerely: DodoFT34

Hi there,

This is not the place to appeal divisional blacklists.

Additionally, your blacklist is unappealable.

Status: Denied :x:


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