[CLOSED] I was community banned from all gar discords, for sexual activities


Username: ( thaley15 )
Ban reason: ( sexual activites.)

Description Joining back into gar was a very fun time for me and climbing up the ranks was to fun and I just really feel like a part of me is missing after being banned from the community. I feel I was wrongly done in which the chat that got me banned from instantly removed after I got the ban. I was not given warning by anyone and they just removed me they could have maybe given me reason or a strike. This was such a big thing in my life that last I night was a very good dream the dream was of me being back in the 501st, Torrent company. All I ask is u unban be and this will NEVER HAPPEND AGAIN EVER! And I will never act immature ever again and gar, and if I do u can go ahead and perm ban me forever. This just makes me sad because me and one other guy were removed from all communities and now raiders want to hire me which I just dont like that raiding is not my thing leading and getting orders is my thing.

-thaley15 logging out again.

Hi there.

At this time, I will be denying your appeal for the following reasons:

  • Actions committed were too severe to appeal
  • Ban was issued too recent for an appeal

Status: Denied :no_entry: