[CLOSED] I was a CET memebr, account got leaked, just gained access after months of not being able to do so

So a while back (june-july) I (XonMcKnight) now Xondillion was a member of the CET and I was planning on doing good with all that, but then my ROBLOX and discord account got leaked and I had to leave all groups I had decent power in, so I did not get labeled as a abuser of power. I have since then recently got access back to my accounts and was curious if I was able to re-join it or not, I was a good member, It was just a bad circumstance. Have a good night/day!

To add to this, I just didn’t know what category to put it in, so I put it under Appeals.

Hi there,

If you want to rejoin any department or division because of an account being hacked, contact the divisional HICOM or the leader of said department you were a member of. Us forum mods cannot do anything about that, since you’re not banned from anything.