[CLOSED] I want to report mutliple people

Hello, i wanted to report multiple people but i have about 10+ or even more clips of it mostly or all 5 minutes each (clipped with medal) but even if i edit all clips i cant make them all 2 minutes(medal standard) so , i wanted to ask if there is any other way of sending the videos to a moderator/forums.
I will try tommorow to edit some if them and use kapwing to make them smaller (remove sound maybe) but i cant do it with all of them.

I wanted to add that it is 4:13 in the morning in germany , so i will be going to sleep now for some hours.
Sorry in advance for the late replies.

Hi there,

Without any specifics to the situation and or proof I am unable to process your report.

Please upload all videos pertaining to the situation on to a forums report and we will watch all of it.

Status: Unfounded :x:

Thank you,