[CLOSED] I want to rejoin the 501st torrent company and get unbanned from the gar discord comunity

Data I banned from 501st legion, discord and gar discord.

Username: ( thaley5)
Ban reason: ( I was Doing fake make out session with one of my friends and op/tup! LukeROBin20, I was banned due to someone taking a screen shot of this incident catching us in 4k)

Description I was not informed u were not allowed to be gay on gar grounds this is all my fault and no one is to blame but me at least unban Luke for being innocent

Why I want to be unbanned: The main reason I want to appeal this is because I love gar, ROBLOX really love the community. I have been a loyal gar member for the past week or so, and have met a ton of amazing people and have had a great time Once I did the SUS act I realized that I could be banned for that type of unacceptable content me and my boy LukeROBin20, are incredible sad after getting banned we have been trying to get unbanned since 7:25 - 7:50PM something. I just miss the fun activities that I did everyday and a part of me is missing this has happend before with a older unmatured me when I was CG, but that ended in me taking my 8 month ban to heart because I knew I did a rude act. So basically I really want to rejoin I am mentally sad after losing this I just feel terrible and want to rejoin this note is from From thaley15 I hope u see this shortly because I just want to get back into gar.

Denied. - howardistoogood