[CLOSED] I want to get unbanned on discord


Username: ( Ghost_Mirlane )
Discord: ( #7374 )
Ban reason: ( Underage )


I got banned for some high rank talking to my younger brother that was playing on my pc that day, and the high rank asked him how old he was, and he said that he was 12. Me myself are 14 years old, and I really like all those divisons that you got on this game. And I found out that the only way you can be in a divison is to be in the discord . So please, unban me.

Hi there,

Due to the fact that I cannot confirm your real age as of now, I will not be unbanning you. If you have any proof of your age, someone who can speak for you, or other questions, you may add me on Discord at: MikegamingYTW#0438

Status: Denied