[CLOSED] I want to add 10 points back to my account after I held a fake training. I originally lost 20 points and I was hoping I could get back 10


Username: ( GTDcool126 )
Ban reason:(Holding a fake training )

I’m really sorry about this and frankly I just wanted to have fun in the game, but I held a fake training yesterday. We actually went over the correct faces and firing positions. However, I got banned which I knew was a possible chance. I totally understand a punishment but when I went to check my power, I lost about 20. In my opinion this is a little overboard. That is many of hours wasted. Now I think 10 hours removed is a little more reasonable. I know you might not agree with this but is it possible you can add the 10 power back. You can leave the other 10 power removed from my account. Overall, I promise I will never make this mistake again and I am totally in the wrong. I love GAR so much and I genuinely just wanted to have a little fun in the game which of course I knew the consequences. I had no intentions of spreading false information and I actually wanted to test my teaching skills of the faces and firing positions to other troopers. However, I know I’m not in the position for that and I’m sorry for letting GAR down and I will never repeat this action again. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Also, currently I have a 2 day ban on my account. Please do not remove this; I feel that it serves me right. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Other data:

Discord username: GTDcool126
Discord ID: GTDcool126#6493

Hi there,

Unfortunately actions have consequences, I am unable to revert any changes to your power or your ban. However, I am glad you have learned from this experience.

If you would like to host events I would highly recommend joining a division and ranking up so that you would be able to do that.

Status: Denied :x: