[CLOSED] I ve got banned for a joke event

I want to Report, that ive got banned for hosting a joke event. The weird thing is that everyoneknew that.

Any proofs? You must follow the format that you given. “Joke event”, as you said, is reason for ban.

No one knows what a joke event is supposed to be, a little explaining is required.

You aren’t supposed to host the event, even if it’s a joke in the first place. :person_shrugging:

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Yea, that’s probably why he’s banned.

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So. A joke event means that i said: What are you thinking of doing an Exempel for a real event to Train something? After that everyone followed me and webt to STS IN MAIN ROOM. Everyone knew that they dont get Power and everyone knew that it was a joke. I just wanted to help everyone and know i am banned. Thats the joke. At all, i have a Video but i cant Upload it. The only Person, sorry for saying that, who Nerds a Proof is the Person who banned me, no Otter person.

But here is the prove, There are high Ranks and persons are talking, everyone knew that it is a Fake event: FullSizeRender.MOV on Vimeo

Hi there,

To appeal a ban for violating republic law, you must do so in the right section. This should be located in the appeals section and under the category “Game and Community”.

Additionally, hosting an unauthorized and illegitimate event, regardless of your intentions, is not allowed. Please be more mindful of this in the future.

Status: Denied :x:


Thank you, i will do that.

wait, this isn’t locked xD, we can still reply here

I know it’s not locked, please don’t reply to it though. Thanks.