[CLOSED] I Keep Getting RK'ed By A Master Sergeant


Reporter username: ( DPHoldItDown )
Reported user: ( shadow_wrath11 )


The fiirst time this trooper asked for my passport i proceed to say yes sir and take my passport out and then he gives a count down and shoots me. I was also in line and was being asked by another trooper my name and the planet im from. 2nd time was when i finally was able to get in the booth and then there was about 6 troopers in there for no reason all pointing guns at me. I told them to calm down and again the same person proceeds to shoot me. And now the last time i went up to the master sergeant and asked him to stop RKing me the trooper again does a count down and shoots me. If this is how a master sergeant is supposed to act well that is embarrassing and goes to show the lack of discipline these troopers have. I just want to enjoy a good rp and roblox game but these type of people mess it up for us and makes people like me not even wanna play.



This is not enough evidence to prove that the user is Random Killing. Please provide a video next time.

Status: Denied, lack of evidence provided :x: