[CLOSED] I just got banned in GT and GAR for leaving the game while beign cuffed


Username: ( Rusell7281 )
Ban reason: ( Banned for leaving the GT while beign cuffed )


( Ok so i just was attending an gar event on GT but with the problems of my connection I could not see the host cuffing me bc is my lag and in a few seconds i got leaved with the one to check my connection, this happens to me sometimes since my internet did not work well, and when entering Again, the ban appears for this reason even in game too, so please, if you could appeal this ban, since it was not my fault, it was because of my connection, i hope if an moderator looks my appeal.)

Sincerery, Rusell7281.

Hi there,

Your ban has expired, feel free to join the game whenever you’d like.