[CLOSED] I have been banned for Nazism in GAR


Username: MrNexotell
Discord: MrNexotell#0001
Discord Id: 683502729242738689
Ban reason: Nazism


I was banned for “Nazism” in GAR a couple months ago now. I was not partaking in Nazi behavior and I apologies on the behalf of me and my actions. I understand that what I did was wrong, and I since I was banned, I now know that that is not ok. What I did was put a Nazi symbol in my about me. I now know that this is highly inappropriate on behalf of the families that lost their loved ones during WWII. I apologies to the HiCOM, of which time I have wasted, and I apologies to the community for my behavior. This is not appropriate behavior and I see that now. I have really matured a lot from this experience and I wish to re-join this community stronger and better than ever.


You’re standing on extremely thin ice right now. If you make this mistake again, you will not return to the community.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: