[CLOSED] I got teamkilled by a few troopers


Reporter username: ( GradyBear )
Reported user: ( HabibVero and Jalen13King and even more)


( Teamkilled me and also attempted to teamkill a cadet (forgot to clip)

Other trooper was out of a post and then killed me when I told him to go to one, and then he shot some random guy.

most other troopers were told to go to a post before shooting me but one just kinda spawnkill/teamkilled me)


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused
Dm gamer_pro#2531 for more proof (too many links))

Hey there.

Teamkill incidents are already handled by the in-game TK system. No action will be taken against this user.
If you have any further reports regarding this, feel free to create another report and us officers can handle it appropriately.