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[CLOSED] I got rked by a red guard alot and i have proof


Reporter username: (tankbomb0705 )
Reported user: ( Ele_kiz


he is rking me for no reason im with special forces so i can walk around with weapons so there is no reason for him to kill me

Proof i have a video but it wont let me send it if there is a way i can send the proof on discord that would be great

G’day. Can you send a proof into my DMs? Discord: Zorro_Blood#1997

Red Guards kill anyone who is less then 5 studs away from them. It’s their kill zone. You get to close, your dead. Red Guards are mature and know the rules, so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be doing this.

Still waiting.

Also, reports about divisional shouldn’t go into the forum, you may DM the officers of this division with a valid proof. They will handle that.
As of now, I am Sovereign Protector CC and I can handle that issue. So if you wish, I can take a look onto your video.
Again, discord tag is: Zorro_Blood#1997


um no i cant because i dont have nitro the file is to big i would have to call you and screen share is that good?

i clearly have a video of him coming over to me and killing me ._.

I’ve dealt with it. No proof was needed.

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Hi there,

Upload the video on YouTube and then create a new post.