[CLOSED] I got kicked for tking a trooper who was being disrespectful


Username: Brown2003321
Ban reason: Team kill


I had told a trooper to post and he told me to eat it, so I killed him for not posting and for being straight up disrespectful. Also I accidentally killed a trooper who got on the way of my fire, so I should be at two tks instead of three. I was at 108 power now I am at 98 power.


( Vouch from the officer if killed )

Hi there,

Unfortunately in circumstances like this I am unable to assist you as you do not have any video evidence or vouches.

Additionally, although I know where your good intentions are coming from, when it comes to GAR needing to post, that should be left to the divisionals so you don’t run the risk of getting banned.

Sorry that I could not be of more help.

Status: Denied :x: