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[CLOSED] I got banned from your discord


Username: ( CowMet_Official2 )
Discord: (Chuckeroo44#7838 )
Discord Id: ( #7838 )
Ban reason: ( I got banned because I was saying I wanted to be in a divison, I also really wanted to be one considering I was a Corporal at the time and people were saying stuff saying “Your already high” “Kill yourself” and I got a little mad saying hey I’ve been doing this for 1-2 years now, why are yall being mean? And I guess they got enough and banned me. )


( I am a very active player. I am a professional at the checkpoints. Made sure no enemies were ever let through, I talked to mods before in-game saying I’m doing a great. I am also very good at my job. So I please you to unban me. )

Hi there,

You were banned for discussing NSFW content in VC. Not for saying you wanted to be in a division.

Status: DENIED :x: