[CLOSED] I got banned from discord server


Username: ( mmoon1415)
Discord: (YT_Mmoon3605 )
Discord Id: ( #9926)
Reason: (I got banned because I went around asking people to unban me I also was asking people for warrant officer with money. I didn’t know it was a reason to be banned and I would like to be unbanned. )


I got banned from the discord server and would like to be unbanned.

( I think you should unban me because I didn’t know it was bad to do and I have learned from my mistake. I am loyal to the community and try my best for everything and I would love to get back on track. )

That’s for reading my appeal.

Gone ahead and placed your appeal under the appropriate section, please await for a Moderator to respond to you; there is no confirmed time-frame, please remain patient.


I am more than sure that you have not been banned because you’ve been asking people to unban you. Please provide a more sincere response to this situation and provide a valid reason for your ban.

Discord ban appeal denied. :x: