[CLOSED] I got banned for pinging VikingLaw

Username: snepmal3
Discord: Rezdevil_43#5075
Discord Id: 963341538748956672
Ban reason:

It all happend so quickly,
I pinged Vikinglaw, and people started saying: " The show is about to begin! "
Then a modderator came to me and said to not do that,
And then i was banned. I am so sorry for this but this is a really great starwars game, please let me back in the AMAZING community, i will NEVER do this again.
I am really sorry!
I do not know how to BEGIN to explain how sorry i am,
I will never do this again and the modderator,
It is okay, i untherstand you and i untherstood the punishment.
I’m sorry.

You should unban me because i will NEVER NEVER do this again,
And i have not been in the discord for in over a YEAR, so i think i got my punishment.
Please i like the community and everything about the game!


Since Vikinglaw is no longer in GAR, you have been unbanned.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: