[CLOSED] I got ban and i don't know why, HELP PLEASE!


Username: ( adrqp )
Discord: ( #2243 )
Discord Id: ( Yalex^#2243)
Ban reason: (community ban )


a day i woke up and see that i wasn’t on 7th sky corps discord server , so i think was a error so i check roblox and i wasn’t even there , so i contact a hicom and they said that i got community ban but he doesn’t want to tell why .

i never have broken any rules from gar or coruscant , and i thinks its a error , because i will never broke any rule because i got a lot of time playing it and money spend on i t, so i send this to atless know why i got this ban and unban me because i do not do nothing.


I hope you get unbanned. Maybe you accidently advertised?

generally that’s a discord ban not a community ban, community ban is for a lot worse things like violating TOS or high treason

Ahhh Alright, I still hope he/she gets unbanned.

You have been banned for alt account usage.

Your appeal will not be accepted for now as it is far too early.

Discord ban appeal denied :x: