[CLOSED] I found out the ban reason

Data 11 March/2021

Username: ( Achiles949 )
Discord: ( The gentlemen )
Discord Id: ( 707198269281009695 )
Ban reason: ( Trying to advertising my server )


( I apologize for the mistake I have done. I promise I will not repeat my mistake and to learn from that. I am sorry for disturbing and trying to do something immature. It passed a lot of time from than, I had problems in real life and I learn the most important thing is to learn from mistakes and do not repeat them. This is the main reason.

My second reason is to meet new people that I can talk about clone wars. I really want to join Star cops. I have a friend in star cops and would really like to be in. I finally reached the sergeant role. )

My apologies,

Hi there!

I’m understanding of your apology, however I can’t unban you until you provide me with your Discord Account ID.


Appeal Status: Pending :construction:

~ Scythse

Is The gentlemen #2791 this my discord id

Can you unban me please?


I’m afraid that isn’t your Discord ID but your tag. I’d suggest searching up a video on how to get your discord ID and then send it to me.


Appeal Status: Pending :construction:
~ Scythse

I found it here. 707198269281009695

I sent you the discord Id. Is there a way to be unban.


Thank you for the Discord ID.

Now I see that you’ve apologised for the mistake you made, and promised not to repeat the mistake again learning from your mistake.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance, therefore I shall unban you.

However, may I remind you that if found ever doing this again you most likely won’t receive another chance.

You are now clear from any charges, welcome back to the community.

Appeal Status: Accepted :white_check_mark:

~ Scythse