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[CLOSED] I don’t use alts


Username: ( CT3PD )
Ban reason: (Alt acc. )


(i was just pretending to be a Sergeant :expressionless: after that someone reported me.please unban me.The Sergeant didnt show any proofs he just screenshot my Profil and the Profil of my Friend . Also how can the accounts play at the same time. if it would be an Alt it won’t. for Proofs can you ask my Friend.and why i should buy Robux on a alt acc and if i would buy robux on my alt why not on my main. so it’s simply CT3PD is my Acc and Dev from my friend.


please i really care abt the game @MikegamingYTW you banned me without proofs

the only proof were that dev is in my Friend list …@MikegamingYTW

I just said i am a Sergeant already as a Cadet and a Sergeant was in my friend list @MikegamingYTW

Hi there,

Next time do not fool around with your friend in-game in a way that could make people believe you are alting and subsequently report you for it. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and take your word. I have unbanned you. Do not let this happen again.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: