[CLOSED] I cant see all chanels of GAR discord


Username: ( Your username )AndreasRojas2020
Discord: ( Your Discord tag )Andreas Rojas#6488
Discord Id: ( Your Discord Id )1006286351295057940
Ban reason: ( Reason of the ban if known )They ban one time but i fixed the problem


When i try go to the chanel join division but when I went to look for the channel and I couldn’t find it and I said to myself huh that’s weird I guess they would have removed it. Days later I looked again but I couldn’t find it and this time I asked a friend and he if the channel appeared and I didn’t Due to some problem with the GAR in the past, but since I and my brother share a PC, he could have touched it, so I came to solve this problem since I am innocent and I want to enter the 41 Elite Corps division.
( Describe why you think we should unban you )How i said they ban me for asend a group on discord but nothing more

Your not verified that’s why

No i already verificated i can go to all tryouts and i already verificated

Someone can fix my problemas please

Who can help me? becuase i already verify but i cant see that chanel

Why you like to do that i just like see all chanels of GAR

Please someone anwser

The more you talk the high you’re put up on the waiting list, just be patient, after a week, ask. dont ask every day.

add me and ill help.

Someone help me please

Do you have access to #questions-answers?

DUDE I HELPED YOU 20 DAYS AGO ??? what the hell do u mean someone help me

You problem has been solved already. You have access to the discord.