[CLOSED] I believe I was falsely banned from the community


Username: ThatOneGuyStar
Ban reason: NSFW in game


My being banned takes place about 2 months ago, if I recall correctly. I have appealed on this topic twice previously, both declined for fairly simple reasons. The first was because I appealed to soon, and the second was an officer declining my appeal because it seemed far-fetched and that he thought I wasn’t being entirely honest. Although I was being truthful, I wasn’t very elaborate.
The exact reason of my being banned was because I spammed my W and S keys behind one of my fellow RC members. I was later asked by an officer if this was me being inappropriate, and once asked I reasoned that it might be so, henceforth my answering yes rather than explaining myself, which I was not given the opportunity to do. But this raises another question, why was I doing that in the first place? Well, the simple answer is I don’t know, as in I had no sexual intent. I was in a VC at the time of doing this with some RC members and yes, I probably deep down recognized some form of NSFW, but that wasn’t my intent in doing so. I literally only went behind someone with a shotgun because the people in the VC laughed, which I wrongly took as them encouraging me to keep doing what I was doing.
I recognize I went on a bit of a tangent, but more or less what I’m saying is that I didn’t do it with the intent of being sexual in game, merely just because I thought it was funny and didn’t really recognize that it was sexual until confronted by an officer where I reasoned it may be reasoned that I was doing some form of NSFW action. Furthermore, ROBLOX TOS states, and I quote " Roblox does not allow sexual content or activity of any kind. This includes content that depicts, discusses, or suggests:

  • Sexual acts
  • Nudity
  • Sexually suggestive avatar clothing items"
    And my going behind someone with a shotgun did not intentionally depict a sexual act, discuss, or suggest due purely to the reason that I had no intent of depicting a sexual act. Also, I was led to believe that going behind someone with a shotgun was some kind of reference to something (perhaps media) given that I saw other people doing it and thought that it was some kind of trend of some sort.
    Anyways, I sincerely apologize for my actions if they were illy interpreted as NSFW, and will not condone this sort of behavior (given that I now know that it can be considered NSFW) or participate in any activates in which this sort of behavior is involved.
    Former RC Officer

Hi there,

At this time the GAR HICOM team and I have decided to accept your appeal as you have been really honest and genuine in your appeal.

Please do note, Any violations of the community guidelines by GAR and ROBLOX will result in your swift removal and an immediate ban be put onto your account again with no chance of appeal.

This is your one chance, pend the group.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: