[CLOSED] Hyperio47 - Community Ban Appeal


Username: Hyperio47
Ban reason: Discord TOS


I am not sure if this is my fourth appeal or more, but I guess I will still try.

One year ago, I was banned from GAR.
Why? I raided the Community Discord Server of Deathfigher88, I helped him to build the server, make it active and to keep it acttive
so he gave me administrative permissions because I gained his trust and I personall liked to run the server and did a good job
It’s been over a year, so one year and half. I don’t remember the date anymore. Then, I believe I was frustrated
that the Discord server was inactive and almost dead, and with the pressure of an old friend, we decided to
delete all channels, roles and ban the members. The onl thing Death said to me was ‘Not cool man, not cool.’
Probably still is he dissappointed with me because I abused his trust. Then I was banned from GAR.

My appeal has ben rejected many times without any clear reason or that Deathfigher must vouch for my unban.
But who would vouch for someone who nuked your server? Deathfigher wouldn’t, which I fully understand.
Altough we weren’t really close, I regret abusing his trust and friendship.
Therefore, I am repeating myself here. I am sorry Deathfigher, I did a lot of shit and lost your trust.

When I joined GAR, it was in Dec 2019, I wasn’t active for a half year because I didn’t like the game and community. After I joined the 187th Legion in May 2020, I was active in GAR until my unban, I really enjoyed the game, community, group, everything. And asking for another chance to return GAR as I was just known as ‘Hyperio47’. From the most people in the Discord server who liked me and I chat with.
I believe a +1 year ban is enough for me with 4-5 appeal denies, as I stated above I regret what I did in the past and I’m still sorry and promise that something like this or anything which breaks the rules won’t happen again. Unfortunately Deathfigher88 doesn’t want to ‘vouch’ for my unban, as all of the moderators want, most likely his friend. But as I said before, I believe a +1 year ban is more than enough as I fully regret it as it’s obviously from all my different appeals, or else why should I put so much effort on my appeals and try to be unbanned over months since a year. I’m asking for another chance.

By the way, I changed my name from ‘Hyperio47’ to ‘Hwoopt’. In case I get unbanned from GAR…

Sincerely yours,

Due to the severity of your crimes, the Officers have decided to deny your appeal until further notice.

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