[CLOSED] How i got banned for defending my country and religion


Username: ( FarmingUbozo )
Discord: ( FarmingUkids#3428 )
Discord Id: (1004737622595358740)
Ban reason: ( I got banned for saying swear words to a racist white man. )


( Because this is unacceptable how did i get banned meanwhile the racist man hasn’t this is unacceptable in the discord server you should treat everybody the same.)

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I solemnly Agree, the Mods are making mistakes, my Appeal got denied even though most of the mods know it was an accident, when you hire mods they should be reliable and trustworthy…

i relate im trying to get appealed and they are taking days and still not getting responded :(A

Provide more details, and do something a little more sincere. Keep in mind that you should not insult anyone no matter the reason, adding fuel in the fire won’t kill it.