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[CLOSED] How do I appeal?


Username: Emilioplayz116
Discord: Thunda The Intern#1159
Discord Id: 831782459162099732
Ban reason: Framed of Althing


Idk I don’t have proof, how do I appeal to get back into gar? Mikegaming?

Hi there,

Just a key thing to be aware of, the Discord ID you gave isn’t even yours. It belongs to a Discord account called “RedactedQwak.” The discord account that’s linked to Emilioplayz116 is RedactedMist. Therefore, I don’t think you were framed for alting. You’re still alting.

Also I told you last time already how to appeal, which you didn’t seem to read. So I’ll post it here again.

If you do not have proof, sadly we cannot just unban you. You’re going to need to obtain three vouches from reputable members in GAR whether they be RI members, officers, divisional HICOM. I would even accept divisional members; however, you would need to obtain five.

Status: DENIED :x: