[CLOSED] Hacker advertised on my account, leading to perma ban

Hacker advertised on my account, leading to perma ban

Username: summerboy153
Discord: Ethereled#1650
Ban reason: Hacker advertising
Banned Account ID: 823338926924234793
Greetings staff team, I would like to appeal from a discord permanent ban. First off, a hacker (pretending to be my friend) logged into my discord when i gave him my account because he needed to update his role in my group (which i didnt know how to do), When i did that he decided to change my password, take my account, and advertise to all the important people, mods, admins, etc., leading to my permanent ban in most servers. This server was dear to my heart, and i got banned from it due to someone pretending to be me. I would like that ban revoked so i can once again join the army. Thank you for your time, and considering my appeal. Sincerely, Ethereled.

Discord ban appeal accepted :white_check_mark:

Please be more cautious of suspicious links.

Feel free to join back the Discord server via the game’s description.