[CLOSED] Grand Army of the Republic Discord Server Ban


Username: NightmareBoy133
Discord: NightmareBoy133#5617
Discord Id: 869320554300211271
Ban reason: Sending a link to another group to a member


Hello, I would like to start my appeal by saying I am very sorry. I will get into details. I was usually active in the group to be aware of the news or to attend tryouts, which was my bad because my aim wasn’t well trained. I was banned on New Year’s day, hours before the New Year. What happened is that I sent a link to another group to a member. It was a link o a group where you can get free Robux by sending it to other people (I am very sorry for what I did). I tried to back up by deleting the link I sent, but it was too late, the person who I sent the link already reported me. I didn’t know what to do. At some point, I just gave up. I recently began playing the game more, and I have discovered the appeals. I want to say I am very sorry for my actions, I wasn’t careful enough and it let me banned. I am now aware of any rule and I promise it won’t happen again. Like I said earlier, I tried to back up by deleting the link. Please, if it’s possible for me to get a second chance. (I know I have written another appeal on the community channel, but I didn’t know how the system works)

(The reason I think I should be unbanned) I am very aware of the situation now. I am very sorry for my action, and I understand that I have done a very serious thing, and I promise if I get a second chance, nothing like this would ever happen again. I want to attend the training and tryouts. I am now very responsible for my actions.

Thank you for your attention,
Great Respect

Discord ban appeal accepted :white_check_mark:

Please be more cautious of any links you may find suspicious.

Feel free to join back the Discord server via the game’s description.

Kindest regards, PastelxLxve