[CLOSED] Got a p-ban for telling a friend something


Username: thekingisback034
Discord: kaden
Discord Id: #2405
Ban reason: I told a friend that I would hurt myself


I was telling him as a friend, but I asked him if he could do a tryout in my time zone, and a time I could tryout, he said no. At that point I got really sad, I was gonna kill myself, but I had told him as a friend, hopping he would take it as a friend, but instead I got a p-ban. I was telling him as a friend, not as him being a cc.

will i get unbanned from filling this form out? if so, how long will it take?


Appeal denied, we do NOT tolerate jokes of suicide just to host a CG tryout. You may think it is a joke but the CC didn’t take it as a joke and we won’t take this as a joke either.
Also if you don’t know what a Discord ID is, read this,

Status: Denied :x: