[CLOSED] GAR unban appeal

Username: 0stolen

It was something in 501st tryout for a higher rank, it was very sudden so I unthoughtfully had my executor open from another game (the game as I remember was very unpopular, nobody would have been mad at me exploiting in it) and as I forgot to close my executor, and it being on auto-exe(auto execute) was detected as me trying to cheat in the tryout.

Right before I was in the game where you host tryouts in, I cannot remember due to it being a long time ago.
I did not execute anything to my advantage, as it was a formations, and commands test.
I never “used” any exploits, it was just a simple miscommunication due to auto-execution, they believed I was going to use it to my advantage, GAR is an all time favorite game of mine, I have multiple game passes aswell, id love for you to take a look into my ban and understand it was a miscommunication.

Thank you for your appeal, though at this current moment we’ve decided to deny your appeal. If you’re unsure as to why your appeal has been denied, please review the below;

  • Utilisation of an executor is against ROBLOX ToS either way and that isn’t accepted within our Community whatsoever.

If you wish to add further information to the aforementioned appeal, or feel it was unrightfully dealt with, don’t hesitate to submit another appeal for myself or another Officer to review.

Appeal Status: Denied :x: