[CLOSED] GAR discord unban request


Username: (Smellyyyyyycook)
Discord: ( Pineapple#7830 )
Discord Id: ( 113289944071483392 )
Ban reason: ( Toxicity and harassment )


( I am truly sorry for being toxic! I wish to get unbanned so I can continue chatting with friends in the GAR discord and communicating with other members, I know that I’ve done wrong in the past and I’ve truly changed after being perm banned since I can’t live without the GAR discord in my life I love the events that are being hosted by the amazing officers in GAR and I cannot imagine a life without GAR in my life I am sincere with my apology and I hope to be unbanned so I can continue having fun with my friends and other people I get to know through GAR! I do hope that whoever is reading my apology can truly imagine being in my shoes I mean you can’t live without GAR either and neither can I If my unban request gets accepted I’ll be forever thankful for giving me another chance in GAR and I do not wish to go down the same path, Thank you for reading my apology I hope you accept it!

Kind regards,
Smellyyyyyycook, )

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Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, at this time, I have gone ahead and unbanned you from the discord server.

For future reference, to avoid being banned from the server, please ensure that you follow all Roblox Terms of Service, Discord Rules and Community Rules and Regulations. Breach of any of these rules, may result in disciplinary action against you and may affect your standing in the community.

Appeal Status: Complete :white_check_mark:

See you around!