[CLOSED] GAR Discord Ban


Username: notskixs
Discord: Skixs#0001
Discord Id: 961784419318894662
Ban reason: Sent inappropriate link in a discord group chat


Almost a year now, I was banned from GAR for posting the adult website discord server link in an unaffiliated discord group chat. Coincidentally, I was banned. I completely understand the reasons unbanning me may not be possible. I have genuinely learned from my mistake and I really want to join my friends back in GAR and have a great time like the old days when I joined.

In my defense, simply sending the invite isn’t violating any TOS condition set by discord. Also, I have no further instances where I went any farther than the discord link. After all, it’s their decision to for one, open the link then proceed to skim through all the channels and scroll down to find the inappropriate content in there. As well, it’s also their decision to not kick me or, my friend who was also unfortunately doing the same thing as me, from the group chat.

Once again, I completely understand why you my deny my appeal for the 4th time now. Thank you for your time whoever may be reading this.

Hi there,

Due to the fact that you sent pornographic links to minors, you pose an inherent safety risk to this community. Sadly, this means that by no means can we ever let you back into the GAR community.

Status: DENIED :x: