[CLOSED] GAR Discord Ban Appeal


Username: retyioplil
Discord: Victor (retyioplil)#6348
Discord Id: 7226984353875886
Ban reason: I said Cyka but I didn’t know it was like prohibited since I am French. I also apparently DM’ed advertised but I don’t think so…?


My ban is more than a year long, I was very active and dedicated to GAR, I didn’t deserved to be banned, I think the Moderator that banned me created some false accusations because I pissed him off over an argument in the chat. I only discovered the forum like less than a month ago and I really want to join back GAR since it seems I was banned based on an abusive and biased judgement call. Please reply to me and tell me why was I banned because I don’t really know why, it’s just suppositions… If I did something wrong, well I’m sure we can figure that out and I can explain it. Please give me a second chance and make justice out of my ban.

Discord ban appeal accepted. :white_check_mark:

Please refrain from DM advertising in the future, welcome back.