[CLOSED] GAR discord ban appeal


Username: ( camzryn )
Discord: ( cameee #8644 )
Discord Id: ( 927050001140568094 )
Ban reason: ( “alt account usage and disrespecting RI” )


( I am very sorry for disrespecting an RI agent. I regret my actions sincerely, I take full charge of what I did and I know it was not appropriate. I will act much more mature and be more respectful to others. I promise not to do anything like this again. )

Username: ( mikeynicky8 )
Discord: ( Commander Wolffe#8365 )
Discord Id: ( 915078741091315712 )
Ban reason: ( Posting fake tryouts )

( I will never do it again i just want to be in the discord to attend tryouts )

:x: Denied. I believe you need to serve more time for your actions. - exucuteF