[CLOSED] Gar Discord Ban Appeal


Username: (Jaydincandelaria)
Discord: ( Jaydin#3259 )
Discord Id: ( Your Discord Id )
Ban reason: ( Slur )


( Describe why you think we should unban you )

(I don’t know what to say anymore, I’m assured you just don’t want sayings In the discord to keep the environment safe. It’s been over a year since February of 2021 since my incident. What had happen I had said the soft n word which Is definitely not ok while being surrounded around kids. I acknowledge my actions of saying something so controversial in life where it’s just intolerable especially on Roblox where millions of underage kids play to enjoy without profanity. I am here today, understandably knowing what I said was wrong and am asking for another chance please. I wouldn’t take the time if I really did not enjoy the game, my experience with GAR really motivates me to want to play on the server for rp, pvping, interaction and just tp enjoy being apart in division event was great overall. My feeling about GAR is actively set to join once again, to explain what happen I was in VC and a new player had heard me use the word in a sentence and a reported me to a mod and I admitted it. I was permanently banned which I totally regret even yearning to play again after over a year/ If given the chance again I will follow out the rules that are applied and just won’t make the same mistake I had committed in the pass. I really do miss the game and want to roleplay with the people and the experience the game and server has to offer. I miss the server, the roleplay, pvp, and the community. I am asking for a second chance so that I can enjoy the game once again, so I can have take part into Gar while having a great experience Interacting. The game as taught me so much and it has been a great time. I just want you to know to consider my appeal. (Thank you hope you have a wonderful day as you read this)

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You did not put a discord ID. Your appeal will be denied until you can put in your applicable discord ID.

Status: Unfounded :no_entry: